What is a sportive?

In essence, a ‘sportive’ is a ‘fun day out on your bike’.

It’s an organised non-racing cycle (often, but not always, in aid of charities) with a set route and large number of participants – normally hundreds and sometimes thousands.

They are sociable affairs where conversation and meeting new people have at least as much emphasis as the actual cycling.

Quite often, sportives will offer a few different routes to cater for cyclists’ desires. For example, one might put forward a ‘hilly 100 miles’ – for those wishing for a long day in the saddle – and a ‘flat 50 miles’ – for those who wish to do a run of that ilk. Not all sportives have such route options but most will.

Some local sportives, basic information about them and links to the appropriate websites are listed on this page of the Cycle NI website.

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