where do you meet?

Our regular meeting place is outside The Old Forge in John Street car park, Randalstown.

Here is a map so you can see where it is for yourself:


Our Tuesday evening club runs (both the Tuesday Evenings and T7s) leave from St. Comgall’s Primary School car park, Antrim.

Here is a map of its location:

when do you meet?

Throughout the year, we meet on: Saturday (9-30am) and Sunday (variable – please see link for details) mornings. During the longer summer nights we also meet on Tuesday evenings at 6-30pm/7pm (two different runs – both from Antrim) and Thursday evenings, departing at 7pm.

From time to time we feature the occasional ‘day tour’ weekend club run where we start from a different location than usual. We use a van (or our own cars) to transport the bikes to wherever we decide to start from and car share for the cyclists. When one of these day tours takes place, it will state clearly on our calendar for all to see.

Rather than sit inside on dark nights, we have ‘pop-up pedals’; evenings where we go out with powerful lighting on our bicycles to illuminate the roads ahead of us. As the ‘pop-up’ part of the name suggests, these are arranged when weather permits. We contact one another via eMail a day or two before we want the run to take place. The ‘pop-up pedals’ are available only to full club members.

Please keep looking here and at our calendar for more details. Additionally, the calendar lists any special events, meetings, sportives etc. we will be involved in.