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Nov 23

Winter blues

We’ve reached that time of year when little velo enthusiasts scuttle off into their caves, light a fire and hibernate until slightly before the summer equinox; their hairy unshaven legs put away for winter to wither and gather dust . Such events don’t need to be the norm. Sure, there’s the odd day where it’s simply not …

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Jan 08

Stuffable water-resistant jacket

Before we start, we don’t want anyone to tell us where our stuffable jacket can be stuffed. Such crudity (not to be confused with a selection of raw vegetables) out of the way, the Powerhouse Sport elves are putting together some rain jackets for us. The jackets will be of the lightweight and stuffable variety. …

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Aug 26

The end of days

[whohit]Winter is coming[/whohit]Fear not – we don’t have any inside information on a forthcoming apocalypse. You don’t need to stock up on canned goods just yet. As those of you with eyesight may have noticed, it is starting to get darker earlier in the evening. Once it reaches about half-eight, it simply isn’t suitable for …

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Dec 18

‘Santa Run’ on Saturday the 21st

[whohit]Santa Run[/whohit]This Saturday coming – the 21st of December – sees the first in, what we hope will be, a long series of Old Bleach ‘Santa Runs’. Don’t despair, we’re not suggesting Mr Claus has a squiffy tummy – we’re talking about a festive club cycle you silly moos! As ever, we’ll be ‘taking off’ …

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Nov 30

Do you know this man?

It has come to our attention that, during our club run’s ‘coffee stop’ today, a very suspicious man accosted two young ladies working at Mid-Ulster Garden Centre. Tempting them out with the lure of chocolate, he then forced the two victims to ‘invade his personal space’ – despicable! Does this man look familiar to you? …

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