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Aug 05

Competition time – WIN STUFF!

blethering/information Now we can leave our reminders about ordering club kit behind, it’s time to move onto something new. That ‘something new’ is a splendid* competition. You can win genuine physical prizes – not pretend, yes, actual real life prizes – for doing extremely little. Have a look at that little chap to the left. His …

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Jun 17

Some say SEAT Super 7 seems slightly successful

After aeons of anxiety which were truthfully mere weeks of worry, Old Bleach staged its first race event for quite a few years – leg three of the SEAT Super 7 series. By all accounts, unless people are barefaced fibbers, a thoroughly enjoyable night of racing it was too. First up was the Convery Optometrists’ ‘Eyes on the …

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May 19

SEAT Super 7 crit series comes to Antrim

Old Bleach is utterly terrified extremely excited to announce we will be hosting leg three in the SEAT Super 7 series of criterium races. Woo hoo! Here’s some information in point form for your easy perusal. basic info The event itself will be taking place Tuesday the 16th of June in and around the centre of …

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Apr 02

Spot the ‘Old Bleach’ flyer/poster/business card and win

[whohit]Spot the flyer competition[/whohit]As you may already be aware, the Old Bleach pixies/monkeys/slaves have recently been out badgering local shops, cafés, garages etc. with flyers, posters and business cards. Should you find yourself in such an establishment and spy one of our business cards, flyers and/or posters, please make a mental note of it. Once …

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