Sprocket to the MoonWhen – Every Sunday throughout the entire year (unless stated otherwise on our calendar)

What time – Variable. Club runs start at a ‘floating’ time to ensure we return to Randalstown by 2pm. Club members will be informed of this time in advance

Where – The Old Forge, John Street car park, Randalstown

Other information – The Sunday outing is our longest club run. It generally consists of a route covering between fifty and eighty miles (although it can vary outside such parameters) and almost always includes a coffee stop.

Depending on the route we take, it seems to average out between 16½ and 18½mph; sometimes faster sometimes slower.

Check our Garmin Connect profile for detailed statistics on Sundays (and our other club runs).

Given the length of these excursions, we would ask any interested parties to be used to cycles of fifty miles or more before coming out on Sundays. If you would like to come along on a Sunday club run but aren’t sure whether the distance/pace may make it tough going for you, it’s probably best to ‘test the water’ on a Saturday first.