Jan 08

Stuffable water-resistant jacket

Waterproof jacket - frontBefore we start, we don’t want anyone to tell us where our stuffable jacket can be stuffed.

Such crudity (not to be confused with a selection of raw vegetables) out of the way, the Powerhouse Sport elves are putting together some rain jackets for us.

The jackets will be of the lightweight and stuffable variety. Apparently they should cram down to around the size of an apple for easy storage in a cycle jersey rear pocket.

They’ll be for occasional use when, for example, an unexpected shower decides to pay us a visit. The jackets shall provide a little extra heat but aren’t out and out winter jackets.

While not 100% waterproof they will be water-resistant to the point where they’re suitable for use in all but heavy driving rain.

Here is a summary of the jacket’s selling points:

  • ‘Scrunches up’ to around the size of an apple
  • ‘No rain’ fabric – waterproof, windproof, breathable, stretch membrane
  • Full length chunky ‘anti-snag’ zip
  • One back pocket with horizontal zip
  • Reflective strip on pocket
  • Lightweight silicone grip on waist hem

Featuring Old Bleach graphics in the newer colour scheme (as pictured) you can purchase the jackets – for £82-20 each – directly from Powerhouse Sport via our Team Store this link. This is a special ‘jacket only’ single item Team Store and closes at the end of next week – Sunday the 17th.

To ensure you order the correct size we recommend you contact Powerhouse Sport and arrange to call down to try on equivalent jackets. As all clothing is made to order there are no refunds or exchanges and it is entirely down to the purchaser to make sure he or she orders the correct size of garment.