Mar 05

Old Bleach ‘pinkorporated’

[whohit]Old Bleach pinkorporated[/whohit]Giro 2014 limited edition kitFirstly, ‘Ouch!‘ and ‘Eew!‘ at the terrible pun in the title. There’s literally no excuse for that kind of behaviour.

Last year our (aptly named) kit slave manager thought he was an idiot savant, coming up with the idea of including ‘a little bit of pink to honour the Giro starting in N. Ireland‘ on a version of the Old Bleach club kit for 2014. It seems practically every other club in Northern Ireland has had exactly the same idea. Our kit manager can drop the word ‘savant’ from the expression we used earlier.

What this does mean, however, is we have put the gears into motion and can offer our club members (and anyone else who wants to buy it) the opportunity to buy Old Bleach ‘Giro 2014’ themed kit.

As usual, club kit is available via OUR TEAM STORE on Powerhouse Sport’s website and is ordered directly from Powerhouse Sport.

The ‘Giro 2014’ kit will be very limited in availability; the Team Store closing on Sunday the 9th of March. This is to ensure people have the kit well in advance of the Giro. It would be deflating if we dawdle so much we only get our kit after the Giro has passed us by.

To look at/download a high quality PDF of the ‘Giro 2014’ kit please click here. For garment details please read on…

Short-sleeved jersey 

  • Coolplus fabric
  • Full length chunky ‘anti-snag’ hidden zip
  • Reflective strips at sides of rear pockets
  • Silicon gripper hem
  • Three rear pockets


  • 240/250 g/m² Lycra Power fabric
  • Compression band ‘gripper’ with silicon strip
  • Flat locked seams
  • TMF brand Resistex ‘Carbon’ – ’8 Hour’ insert  (photographs here and here)


  • 100% Polyester
  • Fits under a helmet


  • 80% Polyester 20% Elastane
  • ‘Like a glove’ fit (ie. no velcro fastener)

All garments wash in a normal washing machine at 30°.

NB The cap you can buy in this order is the design featuring a pink stripe. The cap with the black stripe will be for sale in the future. Both mitt designs are available in this order and are not ‘Giro specific’. The image in the bottom-right is a fabric banner we are having made, by Powerhouse Sport, for promotional purposes.

We will be putting in an order for ‘standard’ club kit during the summer.

Please remember we don’t try to force anyone buy or wear club kit if they don’t wish to. It’s entirely your own choice (although it does look lovely to see our cyclists out together in club kit, even if we say so ourselves).