Mar 02

Mini Figure Scenes

Mini Wha Now?

You may not have heard of Mini Figure Scenes. That’s quite understandable as it is a new service provided by, young entrepreneur and Old Bleach member, Martin Robb.

Martin offers various options, for people who would like to get a personalised scene put together, featuring a figure (or figures) set in an environment of your choice.

At the time of writing this shameless (but richly deserved) plug for Mini Figure Scenes, the most popular choices are priced as follows…

  • Personalised figure – £15
  • Boxed scene – £20
  • Diorama (as shown in picture) – £25+

You can look at (and Like) the Mini Figure Scenes Facebook page right here. It’ll have plenty of up to date photos of more projects and lets you contact Martin directly if there is anything specific you would like to have done. Say, for example, you want Martin to make a diorama you could use as a trophy – let your imagination run riot!

In the meantime, here are some further photos, of the diorama pictured above, for your perusal…