If you’re the only person one of the many people who love Old Bleach so much you’d like to buy items with our logos all over them, you’re in the correct place.

We have a few different pieces of merchandise which you can use to spruce up your home and person. Here they are…


Obi Cee£5 each (plus shipping if required)*

  • Four designs – (‘Obi Cee‘, ‘Peloton‘, ‘ob‘ and ‘Square Logo‘)
  • Come in their own oldbleach boxes
  • 9.5cm tall by 8cm radius
  • 350 ml capacity
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Logo printed on front and back for ‘ambidextrous’ usage

cups & saucers

A cup and saucer set - all four designs£22 for a set of four or £6 each (plus shipping if required)*

  • Four designs – (‘Obi Cee‘, ‘Peloton‘, ‘ob‘ and ‘Square Logo‘)
  • 7cm tall by 7cm radius
  • 180ml capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Logo printed on front and back for ‘ambidextrous’ usage


3 for £1 (plus shipping if required)*

Old Bleach water bottles - 800ml (left) and 600ml (right) - both have identical prints and pricingwater bottles

£5 each or £20 for five (plus shipping if required)*

  • Obi Cee image on one side (see here)
  • ob image on other side (see here
  • Transparent bottle with black lid
  • Available in both 600ml and 800ml sizes (same price for each)
  • Dishwasher safe

‘Obi Cee’ window stickers

£1 (plus shipping if required)*

  • Obi Cee image (see here)
  • 12cm wide by 16cm tall at widest points
  • Can adhere on front or back via a light application of water
  • Sticks to surfaces other than windows eg. tiles (see here)

‘oldbleach cyclist’ prints

Old Bleach Cyclist - Is it art? Who knows? Who cares?£5 (plus shipping if required)*

  • Old Bleach Cyclist image (see here)
  • A3 paper size
  • 250g/m² paper
  • Limited edition (in the same way as everything is finite and therefore ‘limited’)



* The amount of shipping charged will be exactly the amount we pay in postage and packaging, to the penny/cent/groat/[insert small unit of local currency in an attempt to humour people reading this].

To purchase any/all of these items simply get in touch with us to let us know what you want.

NB Any profit made through the sales of the listed items goes directly into the Old Bleach coffers. No individual receives any ‘earnings’.

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