how/how much?

how do I join Old Bleach?

Simple –  if you’re an adult and experienced in group cycling – turn up on your bike at one of our club runs. We’ll be glad to see you.

If you aren’t used to cycling in a group, please feel free to contact us first, introduce yourself and ask any questions you might have.

how much does it cost to join Old Bleach?

The 'biscuit train' rides againInitially it will cost you absolutely nothing. We don’t expect people to pay anything until they have been out with the club three times.

Cycling Ireland grants us  ‘three cycles per person’. That means each ‘would be Old Bleach member’ gets to come out three times with the club before having to join Cycling Ireland.

Once someone has decided s/he wishes to be part of Old Bleach, we require him/her to pay our club fees (details below) and register for a Cycling Ireland licence. Cycling Ireland is the section of the Union Cycliste Internationale which covers our area.

To register with Cycling Ireland, please go to their website and choose ‘Join’ (top-right of the page). Then follow the appropriate steps.

Descriptions of the different categories and this year’s fees are outlined on the Cycling Ireland website.

In addition to the Cycling Ireland fees, we ask for Old Bleach annual membership, to cover running costs (club membership to Cycling Ireland, web hosting, advertising etc.).

Old Bleach fees are as follows

Adult – £12 per year

Please fill in our membership form when joining Old Bleach. Once this has been completed the Club Secretary will send you an invite to Teamfeepay to allow you to complete your membership payment to the club.