Apr 23

Heavy medal thunder

Yay! Kit is a weiner, um, winner - no, probably weiner after allPeople, like magpies, are drawn to shiny stuff.

Here at Old Bleach HQ (which doesn’t actually exist) our club bigwigs and boffins (who also don’t exist) put their oversized heads together and came up with the idea of bribing people into coming cycling by giving them ‘shiny stuff’ in return.

So, we went ahead and got a load of medals made up to reward our club regulars with. The basic premise is, the more you come out with Old Bleach the more medals you earn. It works as follows:

10 club runs gets you a bronze medal

25 club runs earns a silver medal

50 club runs enables one to live the dream by discovering the holy grail itself – the gold medal

Anything beyond 50 club runs and we reckon you’re in our thrall to the extent where we no longer need to entice you with glittering trinkets.

It should be pointed out, for the deluded, that bronze, silver and gold medals are not actually made from bronze, silver and/or gold. We’re far too frugal for such extravagances.

Get out on your bike with us and pedal to the medal.