Oct 29

Hallowe’en is coming

Hallowe'en Charis cycle 2015Is it Hallowe’en?

Is it Halloween?

Perhaps it’s Samhain?

Does it matter? Do we care?

Whatever the case, it’s Saturday the 31st of October and Old Bleach is getting dressed up to the nines (possibly more like the fours) to celebrate.

We shall be taking part in the Charis Cancer Care cycle from the White River House Hotel, Toome(bridge) this Saturday.

As you can see from the flyer (image to the left) the minimum donation required to take part is £10. That includes a, slightly late, breakfast upon return to the hotel.

The actual cycle itself leaves from the White River House Hotel at 9-30am with registration opening from 9am. In case you’re not familiar with where the hotel is located, this should work as a link to a map.

Members of Old Bleach are meeting up outside The Old Forge, Randalstown at 8-45am to cycle over to Toome. If anyone wishes to join them, please do. Otherwise we shall see one another at the White River House Hotel at 9-20am.

The Charis Cancer Care cycle covers around 35 miles and Toome is about 8 miles from Randalstown. Therefore, if you are cycling from and to Randalstown, it will be a total of approximately 51 miles.

Now onto the important stuff…

The organisers of the Charis Cancer Care cycle are putting up a prize for the cyclist wearing the best fancy dress outfit. We don’t know what this prize is but that’s not the point – let’s try to get as many people in fancy dress as possible.

Obviously that’s if you want to wear fancy dress. If it’s not something you want to do, then don’t feel forced into it. We’re not some kind of horrible sorority from a bad American teen movie which forces people into things they don’t want to do with heapings of reprehensible peer pressure.

So, getting back on track, please wear fancy dress if you wish to. Remember, of course, you’ll be on a bicycle in among a group of other people on bicycles. It makes sense to wear something which does not obstruct your movement or vision, doesn’t stand any chance of catching on/in your (or someone else’s) bicycle, won’t create huge amounts of drag and provides adequate warmth for cycling in at the end of October. Oh and it should look good and be fun to wear too.

We hope to see a good turnout for this cycle. Looking forward to seeing you then.