Mar 20

‘Floating’ start for Sundays

Ever the revolutionary forward thinkers, we’ve come up with an idea to try out on our Sunday club runs.

Rather than have a fixed start time, we are going to try organising our Sunday club runs so we are back in Randalstown by a certain time each week.

Ideally we would like this to be somewhere between 1-30pm and 2pm. That means we will be altering our start time on a weekly basis to suit.

As an example, say we want to cycle round Lough Neagh. The most likely way we would go totals around 78 miles. As it’s flat and we’re not particularly fast, we would expect that to take a little shy of 4h30m of actual cycling. Add 1 hour for a coffee stop and ‘those random delays which happen for no apparent reason‘ and you’ve got a total of 5h30m. Take that from 2pm and it means we would start off at 8-30am. Simple!

As we mentioned earlier, this is something we are trying out to see if it works. In fact, if you are a fan of terrible contrived puns (which we are) one could say we are time trialling.

All this makes it even more important anyone who wishes to come out on a Sunday gets in touch first. Although the likelihood is we’ll still roll out at 9-30am most Sundays, there is a reasonable chance we will be leaving earlier.

We will send eMails, WhatsApp messages and post in our Facebook group to ensure all our club members are aware what time our Sunday club runs will start at. Please contact us if you are unsure of the start time and wish to know.