Why do people only ride ‘road bikes’ on most runs?

We ask people to ride road bikes on most runs because they’re designed specifically to be suited to on road usage.

Apparently the energy required to ride an average mountain bike at 20mph is twice that for the same speed on an average road bike. We think it’s best to have everyone getting roughly the same benefits.

We don’t require people to ride a specific type of road bike. If you want to use a race style bike, touring bike, flat bars, drop bars or whatever suits, that’s all good. The most notable exception to this is tri bars; we don’t permit them to be used on club runs as they can poke people in a rather unpleasant and painful manner and the position one adopts when using them is not suitable for group riding.

As long as you’re enjoying yourself, it’s safe and everyone is getting the most fun possible from the cycle, that’s all we ask for.

If we ever develop an Old Bleach off-roading section, we’ll ask people to ride the appropriate style of bicycle for that too.

Our ‘Wednesday Sevens’ run is open to most bicycle types – including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids etc.

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