Why do cyclists try to hold me back when I’m driving?

There is a popular misconception people on bicycles have a desire to delay those in motorised vehicles. Please consider this logically and it is evident no right-minded person on a small and slow moving vehicle offering little protection would wish to detain a large fast metal ‘crushing box’.

It is in a cyclist’s best interests to get a motor vehicle past him/her as quickly as possible. Unfortunately it is not always safe for a motorist to pass a cyclist. When this is the case, a safety conscious and thoughtful cyclist will move into a road position which deters motorists from passing. This should create a safer environment for the cyclist, motorist(s) behind and any oncoming traffic.

Always consider why a cyclist is adopting a certain position on the road and make sure you assess the situation fully. Perhaps he/she can see or hear something you can’t and is aware of danger you are not. He/She may save your life.


Posted in: Understanding cyclists