What benefits do I receive as a member of Old Bleach?

As a member of Old Bleach you will get to:

  • Come out on club runs – Improve your fitness and happiness and enjoy the social aspects of group cycling
  • Enjoy ‘away days’ – From time to time we take our bicycles elsewhere and do a little ‘day tour’ on roads we don’t normally use or even go away for a couple of days
  • Go to meetings – Have your say in how the club is run and help shape its future while drinking tea and eating buns
  • Make friends – You can’t possibly hate us all. Well, probably not
  • Get involved in events – Help promote Old Bleach activities (club membership drives, races etc.)
  • Partake in despicable online chat – As a club member you will have access to our Old Bleach Facebook group
  • Join our ‘secret’ club runs – We occasionally enjoy cycles which aren’t listed on our website and are for members only. By joining you’ll have access to these. This includes autumn/winter night rides with lights and all sorts of fun and hijinx
  • Buy merchandise – Our club members have ‘first dibs’ on any clothing, crockery, badges etc. we get put together. Have a look here to see the kinds of things we’re babbling on about
  • Attend social events – Members can come along to our Christmas Dinner and various other events throughout the year


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