I’ve got my bike and clothes sorted; What else do I need to bring?

Firstly you will need at least one bottle of fluid to keep yourself hydrated. Likewise, having something to snack on will stop you from (what cyclists, runners etc. call) ‘bonking‘. You don’t need to rush out and buy energy drinks and bars (although bicycle shop owners will be more than happy to help you if you do) – many of our group bring the likes of bananas, fig rolls, slices of malt loaf etc. As with so much, it all comes down to personal preference.

As well as food/drink, it’s very wise to bring at least one spare inner tube, tyre levers and some means of pumping the tyre up in the event of a p******e. There’s a good chance someone else in the group will have tyre levers and a pump (and will normally offer to change the tube for you, which is nice) but bringing your own will make sure you 100% definitely have the required items at hand.

In winter months (and for all evening cycling) lights are pretty much a necessity (particularly a rear light) and mudguards are a welcome addition to prevent filth from our wet dirty roads ending up on the face of the person behind you.

Other than the items already mentioned, bringing a mobile phone and a few pounds for a cup of coffee/tea (‘coffee’ stops form a regular part of almost all our club excursions) should cover everything you may need.

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