If I have a ‘mechanical’ and need to stop, how do I do so?

If you suffer from a flat tyre, ‘dropped’ chain (which you can’t get back on with this method) or any similar problems, it’s important not to panic.

Stick a hand up in the air briefly to let people know you want to stop and call out ‘Mechanical‘.

If you are cycling in the left column of the group signal left and pull in to the side of the road when it is safe to do so.

If you are cycling in the right column of the group try to move out further right (if possible) to let the group pass you safely. Wave the group through and, once the last person has definitely passed and you know the road behind is clear, signal left and pull in to the side of the road when it is safe to do so.

As outlined above, the most important aspect is to remain calm. Remember there are other people around you and their safety is, in part, your responsibility. You cannot simply pull over without warning or, even worse, cut in to the left from the right column because you have a mechanical problem. You HAVE to take other people into consideration and make sure your actions do not endanger them.

NB The guidelines listed assume one is cycling in a country where traffic ‘drives’ on the left side of the road. Reverse the directions if in a country where one ‘drives’ on the right.

Most ‘chain slips’ can be ‘caught’ without having to stop. Please see here for details on how to go about that.

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