How should I pass cyclists – either cycling alone or in a group?

Firstly, thanks for being interested in enough in road safety to click on and read this FAQ – much appreciated.

Basically the golden rules are…

Please give as much space as you can

Cross to the far side of the line

Only pass when it is clear

Adjust your speed so you can pass with the lowest risk of incident possible

Follow this advice and cyclists will forever be your appreciative friends.

Although they may inadvertently slow traffic for a brief period of time, even reasonably sane cyclists are not going to hold back traffic deliberately. Logically there’s little a cyclist wants more than to get faster motor vehicles past and not have to consider them again.

Please have a look at the image (click to enlarge) embedded in this FAQ. It displays the logic behind cycling two abreast and in the primary position. It also shows how and why one should overtake, giving as much space as possible.

Our thanks to Leeds and Bradford Triathlon Club for putting together the image we used.

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