How much will this cost me?

For your first few runs, nothing. We don’t expect people to part with any money until they know they like cycling with Old Bleach.

Once a rider has decided s/he wishes to join Old Bleach, we require him/her to register for the appropriate licence with Cycling Ireland (the division of the UCI which covers our area). This provides insurance both for the club and the rider as an individual. To see what cover it grants, please look here. Licence fees are paid directly to Cycling Ireland. None of that payment goes to Old Bleach.

Cycling Ireland membership costs and their details can be viewed here on the Cycling Ireland website (fees are listed among the information for each licence type).

In addition to paying Cycling Ireland, Old Bleach asks for an annual membership fee  – to cover administration such as poster printing, web hosting, the club’s Cycling Ireland membership, general advertising etc.

The Old Bleach membership fees are currently £10, please see our “Join” section for further information.


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