How fast do you go?

The basic answer to this would be that we go as fast the slowest person in the group. Nobody gets dropped on our club runs; it’s all about enjoying ourselves and getting healthier in the process.

Having written that, it would be necessary for someone coming out on a Saturday or Sunday club run to have some basic level of cycling fitness.

As a general rule, if you can do around two and a half hours solid at an average of 14½mph or more (cycling alone) you should find Saturday club runs within your capabilities. If you can do two and a half to three hours at 16mph+ Sundays may also be suitable for you.

Thursday’s runs don’t have any ‘average speed’. They are structured training rides purely for training purposes. One week may be an unofficial time trial and the next may consist of climbing one specific hill repeatedly. This being the case there isn’t such a thing as an ‘average speed’ for Thursdays.

‘Wednesday Sevens’ are run at a speed to suit everyone in attendance. Nobody will struggle with them no matter their level of cycling experience.

Being in a group helps a lot more than one might imagine. There is, not only, the benefit of people encouraging one another but – almost equally importantly – the added bonus of drafting.

‘Drafting’ is the process of riding in another cyclist’s slipstream. By having the cyclists at the front of the group ‘break the wind’ the cyclists behind can save up to thirty percent of the energy they would otherwise have to expend to maintain pace. In a club run, chances are we won’t be efficient enough to save quite that much but it makes a huge difference compared to cycling alone. If you have never cycled in a group before now, you should be delighted with how much easier it is. Unfortunately we all have to take our turns at the front.

For the specific details of some past club runs, please look at our Garmin Connect profile.

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