How do we ‘single up’ when it is called for?

There won’t be too many times when the group is called upon to ‘Single up!‘ but, when we do, it’s good to know how to go about it so we can manoeuvre efficiently and safely.

When the run skipper (normally, but not always, the person with the whistle) calls for the group to ‘Single up!‘ the riders on the outside should fall in behind the rider directly to their inside. That means, in a country where we ride on the left, a cyclist in the right-hand column should slip in behind the rider immediately to his or her left.

The riders in the inside column (aka ‘the line on the left’ in this country) should allow space for the ‘outside cyclists’ to integrate into a single line and let any rider moving in front of them know it is clear to do so by saying (unsurprisingly) ‘Clear‘ and the rider’s name. If you don’t know the rider’s name, a ‘Clear!‘ on its own is a heck of a lot better than nothing.

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