How come you don’t always stay within the speeds listed for club runs?

As you probably know, we have an approximation of average speeds, pertaining to specific club runs, listed on our club run overview. We emphasise this is an approximation; Sometimes we are slower and other times faster.

A lot of factors come into consideration – was it windy (thus slowing us down), was it hilly (again slowing us down), was it a large group (speeding us up), was anyone having an off day (slowing us down) etc etc.

The suggested pace is more related to effort level than actual speed. Sometimes we’ll go out and do a flat route on a calm day in a big group and it’ll be easier than doing a hilly route on a windy day in a smaller group but the former will generate a notably higher average speed.

A good source of information to ascertain our effort levels on different club runs is our Garmin Connect profile. In many instances it even shows a power output in Watts.

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