Here is a list of frequently asked questions. We have filed them under appropriate headings to make it easier for you to find the FAQ you desire:

Club specific enquires

This is fairly self-explanatory. These are enquiries which apply directly to Old Bleach Cycle Club


The FAQs which didn’t seem to fit into any other category


Questions about the website, clothing care and more specialised information not necessarily pertaining to Old Bleach

Understanding cyclists

Wondering why people who cycle do what they do? Please look in this section

How do I look after my club kit?

It’s good you want to look after your club kit. Treat it well and you’ll get plenty of wear out of it.

It is recommended you care for your Old Bleach kit by doing the following:

  • Wash at 30° (or lower)
  • Wash as soon as possible after use
  • Wash after every use (you can probably get away with wearing mitts a couple of times per wash)
  • Do not leave clothing ‘sitting in a wet heap’
  • Turn clothing inside out for washing
  • In the case of jerseys, zip up fully in addition to turning inside out
  • Wash bib-shorts in a mesh laundry bag
  • Do not put any Velcro in the wash with your cycling garments
  • Do not use any fabric softeners
  • Dry only by hanging
  • Do not wring to dry
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight
  • When wearing club kit, try to avoid contact with belts – even seatbelts (wear/place soft material between the two to avoid rubbing in transit) – velcro is an absolute ‘no no’ and will scuff club kit very badly
Why doesn’t the website have…

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