Can I join a club run part of the way along the route?

We often post up proposed club runs (see the ‘Weekend Route(s)’ section on the right side of this website).

If you look at the route and think ‘It would suit me better to meet part of the way along rather than at the start‘ you can do so.

Please contact Old Bleach well in advance to let us know where you would like to meet and wait for an acknowledgement agreeing that’s suitable and stating an approximate time when the club should be there.

Do not simply turn up part of the way along a proposed route and expect to meet the members of Old Bleach without confirmation directly from the Run Skipper. Routes may be altered without advance notice and if we don’t know someone is waiting ‘en route’ there is a distinct possibility we will miss him/her completely.

There is also a chance the club could be delayed before reaching an agreed meeting point. In this event we shall endeavour to contact the cyclist who is waiting around twiddling his/her thumbs. For this reason please make sure the Run Skipper has your up to date mobile phone number.

The easiest way to make sure you join with the rest of the group is, of course, to turn up at the start point at the start time. However we appreciate it might suit some people better to meet along the route occasionally and will do our best to accommodate everyone.

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