Sep 08

Evening club runs cease for 2016

The nights are fairly drawing in etc. etc.Thanks to everyone who came along, showed interest, ‘Run Skipped‘ and generally helped support our Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening club runs in 2016.

Unfortunately, due to the relative position of our part of Earth to the Sun, it’s now darker earlier at night than it was a wee while ago. As yet we have no means of changing this although we will be putting together an online petition to remain bright until 9pm all year round, make our average daytime temperature in around 22°C and only allow it to rain at night. Wish us luck with that!

Given the black cloud of darkness hanging over us, which we already covered in tedious detail above, we have been forced to put the kibosh on our evening club runs until spring/summer 2017.

Thanks once again to everyone who helped out. We will look forward to seeing you all next year and hope to greet plenty of new gents and ladies then too.

In the meantime, please remember our Saturday and Sunday cycles run throughout the year. We’d love to see plenty of faces (old and new) there.