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Mar 02

Mini Figure Scenes

Mini Wha Now? You may not have heard of Mini Figure Scenes. That’s quite understandable as it is a new service provided by, young entrepreneur and Old Bleach member, Martin Robb. Martin offers various options, for people who would like to get a personalised scene put together, featuring a figure (or figures) set in an environment …

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Jan 08

Stuffable water-resistant jacket

Before we start, we don’t want anyone to tell us where our stuffable jacket can be stuffed. Such crudity (not to be confused with a selection of raw vegetables) out of the way, the Powerhouse Sport elves are putting together some rain jackets for us. The jackets will be of the lightweight and stuffable variety. …

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Apr 23

Heavy medal thunder

People, like magpies, are drawn to shiny stuff. Here at Old Bleach HQ (which doesn’t actually exist) our club bigwigs and boffins (who also don’t exist) put their oversized heads together and came up with the idea of bribing people into coming cycling by giving them ‘shiny stuff’ in return. So, we went ahead and got …

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Feb 28

70th Anniversary kit(zoid man)

Enough with the horribly contrived puns. This isn’t a news article about a King Crimson song. This is a news article about Old Bleach’s special edition 70th Anniversary club kit. Once again, those hard working elves, Garth, Alison and (to a lesser extent) Roxy, in Powerhouse Sport have been weaving their magic and helped create another …

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Mar 05

Old Bleach ‘pinkorporated’

[whohit]Old Bleach pinkorporated[/whohit]Firstly, ‘Ouch!‘ and ‘Eew!‘ at the terrible pun in the title. There’s literally no excuse for that kind of behaviour. Last year our (aptly named) kit slave manager thought he was an idiot savant, coming up with the idea of including ‘a little bit of pink to honour the Giro starting in N. …

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