What is a ‘Run Skipper’?

At its most basic level, the ‘Run Skipper’ is the person who takes the club run.

He/She should introduce him/herself at the start of a club run and will be the route guide for the duration of the club run. He/She is also likely to be the person with the whistle; using it to let riders know when to change round positions.

In depth information about the “Run Skipper’s” role can be found in our Rules of the Road document (particularly Section 5). We recommend you read and fully understand the entire document to enhance your own safety and enjoyment and the safety and enjoyment of those around you.

Someone else (or a group of people) may take over some/all of the “Run Skipper’s” duties. In this event the change shall be announced so everyone is aware who is performing which role(s).

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