What do I do if my chain comes off?

If you are cycling along, attempt to change from one chainring to the other and the chain falls off, don’t despair.

You may be able to get the chain back where it is supposed to be in a matter of seconds without having to stop or get your hands oily.

While pedalling gently, use your gear shifter to move your front derailleur the opposite direction from whatever caused the problem ie. if you shifted down and the chain popped off to the inside then click your gear shifter so you try to move up into the big chainring. If it was the other way round and the chain came off to the outside then shift down to the small chainring.

With any luck your derailleur will pull the chain back into place and you can continue cycling along to your heart’s content.

It is important to (as mentioned above) pedal gently to avoid nasty chain rub on your crankset etc. and make sure the chain does not jam. If the chain does start to jam, backpedal a little to release it and try again.

This method will work the vast majority of times a chain is ‘dropped’. If it does not, then hold your hand up to signal to the group (if riding in a group) to let them know you are having a ‘mechanical’ and pull over when it is safe to do so.

If your chain comes off reasonably regularly it means your front derailleur probably needs a slight adjustment. This should be a simple matter of turning an adjustment screw ever so slightly. If you are unsure what to do, please ask a club member to help – it will only take a few seconds (hopefully).

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