how/how much?

how do I join Old Bleach?

Simple –  if you’re an adult and experienced in group cycling – turn up on your bike at one of our club runs. We’ll be glad to see you.

If you aren’t used to cycling in a group, are under eighteen years of age and/or would rather ‘break the ice’ (we always like to hear from people) please feel free to contact us first, introduce yourself and ask any questions you might have.

how much does it cost to join Old Bleach?

The 'biscuit train' rides againInitially it will cost you absolutely nothing. We don’t expect people to pay anything until they have been out with the club a few times and know they like us and enjoy cycling with us.

Cycling Ireland grants us  ‘three cycles per person’. That means each ‘would be Old Bleach member’ gets to come out three times with the club before having to join Cycling Ireland.

Once someone has decided s/he wishes to be part of Old Bleach, we require him/her to register for a Cycling Ireland licence. Cycling Ireland is the section of the Union Cycliste Internationale which covers our area.

These fees are paid directly to Cycling Ireland. Old Bleach receives none of that payment. The transaction is carried out directly between the cyclist and Cycling Ireland.

To register with Cycling Ireland, please go to their website and choose ‘Join’ (top-right of the page). Then follow the appropriate steps.  For more information on the process, please look at the following details (click blue text to open/close).

how do I apply online?

Descriptions of the different categories and this year’s fees are outlined on the Cycling Ireland website.

In addition to the Cycling Ireland fees, we ask for Old Bleach annual membership, to cover running costs (club membership to Cycling Ireland, web hosting, advertising etc.). Nobody gains financially – every penny goes into the club.

Old Bleach fees are as follows

Adult – £24 per year (£2 per month)
16 or 17 years old on January 1st – £6 per year (50p per month)
Under 16 years old on January 1st – £0

We charge only for the months you’re actually in Old Bleach. That is to say, an adult joining at the end of September would pay £6 for three months (October, November and December) and could then renew membership in January.

All memberships are renewed in January for ease of admin.

If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please contact us to request the club’s bank details. Should you prefer to pay by cheque, please make it out to Old Bleach Cycle Club and post it (in addition to a completed Old Bleach Membership Form – either online or printed) to:

Old Bleach Cycle Club
Arches House
Arches Lane
Main Street
County Antrim
BT41 3AB