Jun 17

Some say SEAT Super 7 seems slightly successful (supposedly)

Angus Fyffe raises his arms in victoryAfter aeons of anxiety which were truthfully mere weeks of worry, Old Bleach staged its first race event for quite a few years – leg three of the SEAT Super 7 series.

By all accounts, unless people are barefaced fibbers, a thoroughly enjoyable night of racing it was too.

First up was the Convery Optometrists’ ‘Eyes on the Prize’ U16s Boys race. Both the prime (awarded after ten minutes) and overall victory went to Xeno Young. representing Powerhouse Sport.

It was a close run contest with Xeno nudging just ahead of Liam Wilson (Derrymore) and Bann Valley’s Niall Lawrence grabbing the last podium spot with a very strong finish.

After the young men it was time for the Masters (over 50s) and Women to strut their stuff in the Stevenson & Reid race.

North Down was particularly well represented in the Masters’ race and this showed in the results as they filled out the podium with Noel Boyce snatching 1st place from ‘breakaway man’ and ‘prime winner’ Stephen Cardy and Paul Kirk leading in the bunch sprint for 3rd.

In the women’s race North Down again stamped their authority – Rachel Mitchell winning both race and prime in dominant fashion ahead of Shenna McKiverigan of Banbridge.

Last on the menu was the heaviest publicised race of the evening – leg three of the SEAT Super 7 criterium series. Thankfully it didn’t disappoint, with a great display of speed, tactics, aggressive riding and an unexpectedly close finish.

From a few laps into the race Angus Fyffe (Omagh Wheelers) and Glen Kinning (Kinning Cycles) split off the front of the bunch and built up a gap of around half a minute, racing between them for the primes as they went. Despite Jake Gray’s (Nicolas Roche Performance Team) best efforts, it looked for a while like they were practically uncatchable.

Only three or four laps to go and the two escapees maintained a lead of twenty seconds; Surely there was no chance of reeling them in now? Actually yes that did turn out to be the case but with a mere handful of meters to spare. When it came to the crunch the chasing group was right on Angus and Glenn’s tails (they don’t actually have tails – it’s a figure of speech) as they crossed the line.

Who crossed first?’ you may ask. You may ask if you haven’t looked at the photo above showing Angus Fyffe raising his hands aloft in victory. Congratulations Angus on a richly deserved win just ahead of Glenn Kinning, with Jake Gray rounding out the podium in 3rd place.



  1. Xeno Young – Powerhouse Sport
  2. Liam Wilson – Derrymore
  3. Niall Lawrence – Bann Valley Road Club

Prime: Xeno Young – Powerhouse Sport


  1. Noel Boyce – North Down
  2. Stephen Cardy – North Down
  3. Paul Kirk – North Down

Prime: Stephen Cardy – North Down


  1. Rachel Mitchell – North Down
  2. Shenna McKiverigan – Banbridge

Prime: Rachel Mitchell – North Down

A1 to A3 and eligible Juniors

  1. Angus Fyffe – Omagh Wheelers
  2. Glenn Kinning – Kinning Cycles
  3. Jake Gray – Nicolas Roche Performance Team
  4. Marc Heaney – Carn Wheelers
  5. Darnell Moore – Caldwell Cycles
  6. Mark Dowling – Dunboyne
  7. Gary Cranston – East Antrim
  8. Aaron Swann – Nicolas Roche Performance Team
  9. Derek Finnegan – Keevan
  10. Lindsay Watson – PLUSHmtb

Primes: Angus Fyffe (primes 1 & 3) – Omagh Wheelers, Glenn Kinning – Kinning Cycles (prime 2)

The top ten in the SEAT Super 7 race all gain points for the series league table, the winner of which is going to be minted. Well, maybe not minted but worth calling immediately afterwards if he owes you any money.

Loads of photos from the evening can be viewed in this album on our Flickr account. Credit and thanks to Dave Pettard of DGP Photography for the photos.

Thanks to everyone who took part and came along to watch. We trust you all had a good time. With any luck we shall be able to welcome you back for more at some point in the future.

May 19

SEAT Super 7 crit series comes to Antrim

Not your average bus laneOld Bleach is utterly terrified extremely excited to announce we will be hosting leg three in the SEAT Super 7 series of criterium races.

Woo hoo!

Here’s some information in point form for your easy perusal.

basic info

The event itself will be taking place Tuesday the 16th of June in and around the centre of Antrim town.

The circuit for the race starts on High Street before turning onto Railway Street, followed by another left onto Castle Way, down to the A6/Antrim Road and in the bus lane back to High Street.


You can see a map of the circuit here and a (very slowly cycled) video of it here.


The evening of fast paced thrills kicks off with the Convery Optometrists ‘Eyes on the Prize’ Youth Race at 7-00pm. That will be followed by the Stevenson & Reid combination Masters (over 50s) and Womens race around 7-30pm before climaxing with the SEAT Super 7 at 8-15pm.

It promises to be an unforgettable night of entertainment for all those who come along. What’s more, it costs literally nothing to watch!


We request those in attendance keep children, dogs (in our experience dogs aren’t particularly interested in cycle racing anyway) and themselves off the circuit while the races are taking place, especially if taking photos.

Cycling makes for a great spectacle where one can get closer to the action than many activities can offer. Please make sure ‘close’ does not become ‘too close’.

crit series

As we mentioned earlier, the Antrim crit is part three of the series. The other races, hosting clubs and contact details can be viewed here.


Thanks must go to our friends in Antrim Summer Festival without whom hosting this race would not be possible.

We better not forget the kind sponsors too – SEAT Isaac Agnew, Stevenson & ReidConvery Optometrists and Chain Reaction Cycles – thanks for all your support in making this a reality.

traffic disruption

For obvious reasons all motorists are advised to park outside the crit circuit confines on the evening of Tuesday the 16th of June. Those wishing to watch or take part can park in one of the free car parks at Castle Street, Lough Road or Bridge Street.


Entry for events will be run through EntryCentral.com and will close on Sunday the 14th of June.

Please click on THIS LINK to enter.

Pre-entrants will stand a chance of winning a pair of Oakley M2 sunglasses, kindly donated by Convery Optometrists. We will draw one name randomly once pre-entry closes and present him/her with the sunglasses on the night of the crit. Save a few pounds by pre-entering and stand the chance of winning a pair of Oakleys with an RRP of £120 – what’s not to love?

sign on

The sign on area will be located in Market Square – at the back of The Old Courthouse – opening at 6-30pm and closing at 7-30pm.


Pre and post-race changing and showering facilities will be made available in the Antrim Forum on the evening.

further details

For further details please look here, our calendar, on our Facebook and Twitter pages and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions whatsoever.

Apr 23

Heavy medal thunder

Yay! Kit is a weiner, um, winner - no, probably weiner after allPeople, like magpies, are drawn to shiny stuff.

Here at Old Bleach HQ (which doesn’t actually exist) our club bigwigs and boffins (who also don’t exist) put their oversized heads together and came up with the idea of bribing people into coming cycling by giving them ‘shiny stuff’ in return.

So, we went ahead and got a load of medals made up to reward our club regulars with. The basic premise is, the more you come out with Old Bleach the more medals you earn. It works as follows:

10 club runs gets you a bronze medal

25 club runs earns a silver medal

50 club runs enables one to live the dream by discovering the holy grail itself – the gold medal

Anything beyond 50 club runs and we reckon you’re in our thrall to the extent where we no longer need to entice you with glittering trinkets.

It should be pointed out, for the deluded, that bronze, silver and gold medals are not actually made from bronze, silver and/or gold. We’re far too frugal for such extravagances.

Get out on your bike with us and pedal to the medal.

Apr 17

Wednesday Sevens club run returns

With the sun higher in the sky, weather (generally) looking up and people thinking of getting out on their bikes, it’s our pleasure to announce the return of our Wednesday Sevens club runs.

The Wednesday Sevens (aka ‘W7s‘) are cycles suitable for pretty much anyone to take part in. If you are new to cycling, have been off the bike for a while or merely want to get out for a few miles of sociable pedalling, the W7s should suit you down to the ground.

There’s no such thing as ‘holding people back’ with the W7s. They are run at a pace to suit all in attendance. Nobody will find them beyond their capabilities. They’re certainly not races!

You don’t even have to ride a road bike to join in with the W7s; Mountain bikes, hybrids etc. are all suitable for use with Old Bleach on a Wednesday evening. Just make your bike is roadworthy (brakes working etc.) and you’ve got a cycle helmet on your noggin.

If you’re unsure about riding in a group, the W7s club run is the perfect place to learn. It doesn’t take long to pick up the little nuances which make group riding enjoyable, easier than riding alone and safe (with particular emphasis on safety).

For some, the W7s form a great bridge to go out on longer, faster cycling excursions. For others, the W7s meet all their desires and they stick purely to them. Whatever your wishes, Old Bleach will do its utmost to help you reach your personal goals. Be it gaining experience cycling in a group, road racing at high speed or anything else, we simply want our club members to be safe and happy in their cycling. Everyone who cycles has the ultimate ambition of gaining personal enjoyment from it. Our role is to help maximise that in a safe environment.

The 2015 Wednesday Sevens club runs will start up at 7pm on Wednesday the 22nd of April and depart from outside The Old Forge in John Street car park.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our calendar for all the other upcoming club runs too. We will be starting up Thursday Evening club runs from 6-30pm on the 23rd and Tuesday Evening cycles from 6-30pm on the 28th.

For more details, please contact us and look here for information.

Apr 06

Open Day – Sat 11th April

Coffee stopRoll up roll up! One and all – come and see the freaks this Saturday as some members of Old Bleach make their way for a Q&A at Starbucks, Junction One.

We shall be there from 3pm to 5pm and aim to answer all queries pointed vaguely in our direction. If those inquiries relate to Old Bleach and cycling in general they stand around a 98% higher chance of our coming up with a worthwhile response. We will do our best to answer any other questions but none of us knows how to stop a soufflé from collapsing. You’re on your own there.

With the sun and spring/summer poking their welcome heads out through the bleak winter clouds, it’s the time to contemplate cycling. Couple that with our impending Wednesday and Thursday evening club runs (and promises of a new Tuesday run too) and the recipe is perfect for those who wish to find out about cycling with an extremely friendly club.

We are always delighted to meet prospective club members and shall do our utmost to help out in any way we can. We hope to see you on Saturday.

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