Mar 02

Old Bleach Personal Achievement Award

Personal Achievement AwardAsk ten people why they cycle and what they get out of cycling. You are highly likely to receive a variety of replies.

One wonderful facet of cycling is being an activity which can be moulded to suit the preferences of the participants. For some it is a social outing. For others it’s all about competition and sport. Some find it a great medicine for the mind (more perhaps even than the body). It can be a wonderful pastime for those who were forced to stop partaking in another sport due to injury and who then find themselves falling in love with cycling. There are many many reasons why people cycle and in this paragraph we have merely scratched the surface.

No matter how one’s cycling manifests itself, we all share a desire to be successful in it. At the very highest sporting level, success is measured by winning professional races – Grand Tours, World Championship Time Trials, Monuments, Olympic medals etc. While we don’t expect such lofty aspirations from the members of Old Bleach, we can still enjoy success in the form of setting and meeting our own challenges.

With all this very firmly in mind, Old Bleach has decided to initiate the ‘Old Bleach Personal Achievement Award’.

It is an accolade which will primarily be based on an individual’s goals. For example, one cyclist may wish to cycle ten thousand miles in a year, another might want to get a podium position in an open race and another may wish to cycle up a hill he or she has previously had to dismount and walk up. All of these are equally valid to the individual.  We strive to assist each and every one of our members as they meet and rise to their challenges.

Please let us know what your ambitions are so we can help you get the most from your cycling.

Feb 28

70th Anniversary Kit(zoid Man)

70th Anniversary kitEnough with the horribly contrived puns. This isn’t a news article about a King Crimson song. This is a news article about Old Bleach’s special edition 70th Anniversary club kit.

Once again, those hard working elves, Garth, Alison and (to a lesser extent) Roxy, in Powerhouse Sport have been weaving their magic and helped create another masterpiece in the world of cycling apparel. Our thanks to them for the hours they have put into this and patience pertaining to our many stupid and annoying questions and requests.

As you can see, the colours have been altered slightly for our special 70th Anniversary edition of the kit. Teal temporarily replaces the standard kit’s azure  and a hi-viz yellow moves bumblebee out of the way for this particular order. In case you think we are being horribly pretentious with our colour names, we got them from here. Blame them instead.

To see a high definition version of the 70th Anniversary jersey and shorts, please click here.

The excellent quality of the garments remains unchanged. Here are some related details for you to ooh/aah/not really care about.

Short-sleeved jersey 

  • Coolplus fabric
  • Full length chunky ‘anti-snag’ hidden zip
  • Reflective strips at sides of rear pockets
  • Silicon gripper hem
  • Three rear pockets


  • 240/250 g/m² Lycra Power fabric
  • Compression band ‘gripper’ with silicon strip
  • Flat locked seams
  • TMF brand Resistex ‘Carbon’ – ’8 Hour’ insert  (photographs here and here)

To purchase the 70th Anniversary kit, please CLICK HERE.

Place your order via the Team Store in the same way you would with any other online shop. Do not give your kit money to anyone within Old Bleach. Your purchase is made directly from Powerhouse Sport.

The Team Store will only be open between Wednesday the 4th of March and Sunday the 15th of March. If you do wish to buy club clothing, please do so within that time frame. It is quite possible this will be your only ever opportunity to buy our 70th Anniversary kit.

Feb 13

Antrim Summer Festival

Antrim Summer FestivalWe are pleased to announce Old Bleach will be taking part in 2015’s Antrim Summer Festival.

What’s Antrim Summer Festival?‘ you ask. It’s an Antrim located festival which takes place during the summer. That isn’t enough information for you? Sheesh! You people are real slave-drivers.

Antrim Summer Festival is a fantastic shindig which promotes the finer points of Antrim town and the surrounding areas. It totals up to be a sixteen days long party comprising of multiple individual events, including the hotly anticipated soapbox derby, a parade, equestrian displays, sports, music, crafts etc. etc. etc.

One of the areas the festival pays special attention to is ‘outdoors activities’. As both a leisure and sports club which operates in the great outdoors, this is where Old Bleach comes in.

Our club is delighted to form part of the Antrim Summer Festival calendar and looks forward to this summer with practical squeals of anticipatory delight. Admittedly this is partly as June 2015 also marks the 70th anniversary of our club’s foundation. It’s a real ‘month for the ages’ for Old Bleach.

We don’t want to spill all our secret beans just yet. Let us annoy tease you by saying we are in the process of organising a few events which should be very exciting indeed. When details become finalised we shall divulge little snippets of information here and there to whet your appetites. Prepare to get whet!

Thanks very much to those involved with the festival for inviting Old Bleach to take part. We hope this is the beginning of a lasting and fruitful friendship.

For further details on Antrim Summer Festival please click here (or on its name any of the many times we mentioned it during this article).

Nov 28

Mince Pie/Santa Run – Sat 6th December

Hopefully it'll be a bit less snowy than this on SaturdayHere we are shoehorning in that same photo of The Waterwall we used last year. That can only mean one thing – it’s almost time for our annual MInce Pie Run. Hooray!

This year it will take place on Saturday the 6th of December.

We’ll leave, from outside The Old Forge, at the usual 9-30am, make our way to The Waterwall for about 11am to 11-30am, stuff our greedy faces and then set off for the rest of the club run with bellies full of mince pies and heads full of cheer.

The monies collected on the day will be going to charitable causes. Please throw in a couple of pounds when you’re there. It’s well worth it as you get coffee/tea, mince pies and soup. It makes for a very cheap coffee stop and, hopefully, does some good in the world.

Please feel free to wear a Santa hat (in addition to your helmet of course) if you have one. Get into the, slightly early, Christmas spirit. In fact, please wear an entire Christmas themed outfit if you like (or not if you don’t want to).

Nov 04

Cycling Ireland 2015 membership

Hoorah! The 2015 membership section of the Cycling Ireland website is now up and running.

If you already have a Cycling Ireland account, please click here to login. If you wish to create a new Cycling Ireland account, please click here.

For pointers on the renewal (or registering) process, please click here.

The prices for 2015 are as follows:

Non-competition – £33
Limited competition – £82
Full competition senior and veteran – £136
Full competition youth U8 or U10 (born on or after 1st Jan 2007 or 1st Jan 2005) – £5
Full competition youth U12 or U14 (born in 2001, 2002, 2003 or 2004) – £5
Full competition youth U16 (born in 1999 or 2000) – £54
Full competition junior (born in 1997 or 1998) - £66
International licence* – £17
Life membership – £2050
* This is an additional fee payable on top of the standard licence fee

If you experience any problems creating an account or renewing your membership, feel free to contact us and we will do what we can to help.

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