Oct 21

Spooky Cycling

Didi 'the devil' SenftHalloween is coming…. There’s some sort of poem about that, isn’t there?

For Old Bleach, Halloween has little or nothing to do with rotund geese. Rather it’s an opportunity to dress up like big children and go for a cycle.

We invite you to join us for a ghoulish gathering this Saturday (the 25th of October – 9-30am – outside The Old Forge) and to dress accordingly.

In this case ‘dress accordingly’ means ‘wear some Halloween themed attire’.

Please don’t feel forced into dressing up. If you don’t feel like doing it, you don’t have to. If you do want to dress up, then dress up. It’s all supposed to be fun.

Some things to consider if/when choosing your attire are:

  • It’s late October in N.Ireland. It’s cold. ‘Sexy devil’ outfits may lead to mild frostbite – sorry Damien, you’ll have to wear something else this year
  • You still need to wear a helmet and be able to see/hear/balance properly
  • A item, such as a cape or devil’s tail, which can catch in your spokes probably isn’t the wisest option
  • Accessories in the vein of the large trident (as modelled by Didi ‘El Diablo’ Senft in the photo above) look good but what do you do with them while you’re on the bike?
  • If you’re wearing makeup, will it tolerate the clammy sweatiness of cycling?
  • Large and baggy clothing or the likes of wings (you never know) might make one unstable in the, reasonably, high winds currently forecast for Saturday

We look forward to getting a good turnout on Saturday and seeing plenty of ‘beastly bleachies’. That’s enough contrived alliteration for now.

Sep 15

Saturday’s South Down cycling spectacular

Get your buckets and spades at the ready – we’re going to the seaside for a day of ice creams, ‘Kiss me Quick’ hats, donkey rides and lazing about on deck chairs. Or maybe we’ll go for a cycle instead – although may still eat ice cream as proposed.

Old Bleach’s cyclists will be enjoying themselves on a day tour round South Down on Saturday the 20th of September.

We will be meeting (in cars as we’re driving down) in John Street car park (in Randalstown) at 8am before driving to the Fire Station car park (in Antrim) for 8-10am. Our plan is to be in Newcastle by 9am.

The route itself will cover around 50 or 60 miles with, most likely, two stops – one for coffee/buns and one for lunch. Expect it to look something like this. As always, we should point out it’s subject to change on the day…

There’s a good chance we’ll be back in Newcastle, to return home, by 3pm(ish). It’s difficult to be definite about this as we don’t know what mechanical delays etc. may arise but that’s a rough estimate for those who require one.

If you have any specific questions you wish to ask, ideas you’d like to propose, want to confirm whether you are/aren’t going or simply wish to hassle him for no good reason, you can contact Damien via damien@oldbleach.co.uk. He’s the ‘evil mastermind’ organising things.

When we have more details regarding Saturday’s excursion, we will post them up here and on our calendar.

NB: It should be noted this day tour replaces our normal Saturday club run. There will be no standard club run this Saturday.

Aug 26

The end of days

Bike Smart, Bike Safe, Bike Awesome!Fear not – we don’t have any inside information on a forthcoming apocalypse. You don’t need to stock up on canned goods just yet.

As those of you with eyesight may have noticed, it is starting to get darker earlier in the evening. Once it reaches about half-eight, it simply isn’t suitable for ‘unlit’ cycling. This means, alas, our evening runs are due to end their 2014 run. Both the Wednesday Sevens and Thursday Evening club runs will have their last hurrah this week. Please go along, have lots of fun this week and then wave them goodbye until next Spring/Summer.

This, of course, will not affect our Saturday and Sunday club runs; our weekend cycles take place all year round.

We invite all the people who enjoyed our Wednesday Sevens evenings to join us now on Saturdays. Don’t be strangers! Likewise, if you wanted to take part in our Wednesday Sevens runs but missed them, don’t despair, please get in touch and come along on a Saturday. We will be very pleased to make your acquaintance.

There’s also a good chance we’ll have a few ‘pop-up pedals’ over the winter. These are evening cycles where some club members will contact one another about going out cycling with powerful lighting. These are only open to full club members for obvious safety reasons. Assuming you are a full Old Bleach member, check your e-mail inbox for further updates on these.

Thanks to everyone who came along to our evening runs in 2014 and made them such fun. We hope to see you all at the weekends.

Aug 14

Bann Valley Road Club Sportive on Sunday the 17th

BVRC - Marie Curie flyerOur friends (we always write this in the hope they’ll reciprocate our love) in Bann Valley Road Club are hosting a charity sportive this Sunday – August the 17th.

It costs *£10 each, is of the ‘pay on the day’ variety and *100% of the money taken goes directly to Marie Curie Cancer Care. As you can see from the flyer (pictured to the left – click to enlarge) the sign on – in Portglenone Community Centre – begins at 9am with a view to departing at 10am.

The route should be something like this. If it isn’t identical, it’ll be pretty close. As you can see, it is a very flat route of around 63 miles (around 100 kilometres if you’re continental) taking in the delights of Rasharkin, Ballymoney, Dervock, Bushmills, Portrush, Portstewart (where the short food/drink/pee stop normally takes place), Coleraine and Kilrea before returning to Portglenone once more for fun and buns.

Should you require any further information, please phone the following gentlemen and bug them with your inane questions:

  • Gerry – 07850 512 777
  • Lawrence – 07743 155 889

It’s worth pointing out that all participants are expected to wear cycle helmets and not use headphones/earbuds. Please pay heed to this and have fun safely.

* For those who aren’t Cycling Ireland members, the fee is £12 with the extra £2 going toward a day licence. This £2 is the only money which doesn’t go directly to charity.

Jun 21

Wednesday Sevens – Change of address

As Randalstown Arches Festival is on this Wednesday coming (the 25th of June) this means Randalstown Main Street is closed. Therefore  we shall have to change our Wednesday Sevens meeting place for one night only.

With its own car park, Neillsbrook Community Centre seems as good a temporary change of address for us as any.

We shall still be meeting at 7pm and doing the usual length and speed of route; only the location has changed.

No other club runs (including future Wednesday Sevens) are affected by this. As stated earlier, it is a ‘one night only’ relocation.

Although the Main Street is closed to traffic, we would like to think a polite cyclist may be allowed through. If you want to drive to somewhere else and cycle to the Community Centre, that is another possibility.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us.

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